A common complaint I have with FPS games is linearity. This shows that off rather well. It’s an extremely short and extremely linear map without very many enemies and with weird breakable doors. I’m being kind of generous with the Think Twice rating I guess. The architecture is simple and the environment is meh. One thing I do like is the intro, you spawn on a chair with blood and pliers on the floor so I guess someone just tortured/interrogated you. It also has a floor texture from Nova Prospekt so here’s my interpretation of the story. You’ve been captured by Overwatch and taken to Nova Prospekt for questioning. You don’t want to reveal anything so the interrogation gets a bit more gruesome when the Combine decide to torture you. However, they are called out for important business so while they’re gone you decide to escape through the canals. Of course, it doesn’t say that anywhere, but still, I think that could possibly be what the author is implying. I wouldn’t recommend it but if you’re curious go ahead and give it a try.