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You didn’t miss much, Phillip, the puzzle you quit on was the last.

Anyway, this isn’t too horrible but definitely needs much more work. The first and third puzzles aren’t really even puzzles. They’re just pressing buttons. Maybe there was something deeper than I thought on the third but I just put all the squares next to the fuel containers than stepped on the button twice and won. The second might have puzzle elements but I wish there was a less tedious way, perhaps put the ragdolls under you so it doesn’t have to position the camera differently and immobilize the player. Otherwise I just trial and errored it. The third I actually kind of like, it’s interesting and pretty fun in my opinion. I do agree that the water that kills you is pointless though. I actually really like the atmosphere, it’s kind of like a lab in Ravenholm and the observation windows with GMan and Kleiner in them were very mysterious. If you’re patient and like puzzles, play it. Otherwise, skip it.