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This could’ve been a Play It Now or even a Personal Favourite from me if it weren’t for one thing. The Vortigaunts. In HL1, Vorts got rid of a decent amount of your possibly 100 health. In this, they can kill you in one hit at 100 health, and that’s just not fun. They also have TONS of health, taking two double barrel shotgun blasts to take down. Not even Elites do that (at least on medium)! Apart from that, I only have one complaint, and that’s the stealth segment in the beginning. It’s atrocious and doesn’t work right. I don’t like it.

Anyway, you play as a Combine soldier and need to infiltrate and destroy a rebel base. I really like the nighttime mountain-esque environment, it has a lot of atmosphere. The gameplay is really good too. Apart from the Vorts, it’s rather difficult (in the good way), with tough ambushes and encounters that don’t give either side an advantage (again, apart from the Vorts). The ending with Dr. Kleiner is a bit comedic to me, possibly because I’m demented. The only problem is that you don’t fight any large enemies (this is possible playing as a Combine, see Combine Combat for an example). Otherwise, I really recommend this, despite the flaws.