To all those amateur Quake mappers: THIS is how you turn a deathmatch level into a single player level (there are a lot of good Quake ones but a lot of bad too). I really liked this. The visuals, gameplay and story were all great. Yes, there’s a story. In a DM conversion. I like when stories, even in single maps, tie in with HL2 (see Union), and this does it very well. You have to rescue Doctor Uriah (the scientist Vortigaunt from Episode Two) from a Combine den then teleport back to C17 (at least I assume it’s C17). It’s simple but it works. The visuals are obviously great because it’s based off a Valve DM map. Now let’s talk about the gameplay.

It’s awesome. There’s fights, stealth and an actually good escort mission where you have to worry about the character getting killed without having to check up on him a million times *cough cough* Opposing Force *cough cough*. Sorry, I got a bit carried away (just to clarify, I love Opposing Force, but the escorts are annoying). Mostly it’s killing Combine which is great of course. There’s also two snipers but they’re placed strategically and not annoyingly. I like that you have to distract them so they don’t blow Uriah’s head off, it’s a cool mechanic. I also like the final battle with the rollermines and Combine invasion. The dropship after you get the console was kind of pointless but when that’s the only con I can think of you’ve got yourself a good darn map. Play it I say!