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In all honesty, I don’t get all the bad reviews for this map. Yes, it’s a horde/arena map but I kind of like those. Maybe it’s just that I like fighting Antlions but hey, it’s not too bad of a map, especially for a first attempt. It’s not as good as the other arena/horde map I played today (Antlion Troopers) but that doesn’t make it bad. The worst thing I can say about it is that the geometry just ends, leaving an invisible wall and a void. However, we could just assume that’s because it’s a Coagula style map. In fact, I like the atmosphere, and the intro was pretty cool. I don’t really see a reason for Breen blabbing at me the whole time on that TV but it’s not a major setback. (Speaking of Breen, he apparently made this map!) It kind of ends randomly, suddenly and confusingly when the Dropship appears but I think it’s safe to assume it just took me back to City 17 or something. Overall, if you like hordena maps, play it I say.