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Wow, this is a hard map. But I beat it. On medium difficulty. Without cheats. Yep, I think I’m officially a hardcore at Half-Life 2 now.
First things first, this is an arena map. Second things second, it’s a really goshdarned good arena map. It gives you just enough stuff to survive the onslaught (ammo-wise and sentry-wise) and is very well built. There’s even Combine to help you which is pretty cool.
I did NOT expect there to be an Antlion Guard, it was a complete surprise to me. But I managed to kill it, despite not having any explosive ammo. Escaping into the desert was pretty cool too, I like how the map eventually ends but not at the point where you can see its corners.
If you like or even are indifferent to arena maps, play this, s’good.