I honestly don’t have much to say about this map. It’s a large wide open area with a whole bunch of zombies and weapons but no Combine. I think this is probably the author testing effects and stuff like that. Usually I like nonlinear but in this there’s just no objective at all. Some games work like this, example being Postal, but Half-Life 2 does not. Not counting the starting area there’s only one building you can go into and it doesn’t have a whole lot apart from one room with tons of stuff crammed into it including, for some reason, a metal song yelling roughly at you through speakers. I didn’t enjoy this map. So why did I give it maybe? Well, for starters, if you play it on Synergy or Garry’s Mod or something like that and have eight or more players running around doing stuff it could be some pretty wacky fun. Secondly it might make a good deathmatch map. For single player, however, I would say avoid it.