This map isn’t amazing but it is very fun. One thing I really liked about it was all the Combine ambushes, there’s a lot of them. The first part takes place outside and has Metrocops as the main enemies. It’s pretty easy but also fun. There’s some Metrocops who don’t have weapons and therefore can not attack at all. That’s not too much of a problem but it seems a bit silly.
The second part takes place inside a house. It’s very fun and is the part with all the ambushes. There aren’t any puzzles apart from pressing a button but it is very nonlinear and I like that a lot. It kind of reminds me of the first level of DayHard.
The final battle is on a rooftop with a Strider. This is a really cool battle, normally it would be easy but not only is there a Strider, there’s also Combine dropships and shield scanners carrying hopper mines. Unfortunately it ends here. It seems like the first level of a larger mod but it’s still very fun and I recommend it.