Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, I’ve been trying to fix Causality Effect. I’m sure I’ll find a way, but for now, maps.


Apart from gameplay, what I look for most in mods/maps is interesting environments. This certainly has that, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s set in an industrial area, kind of like Das Roboss at nighttime. It’s also very atmospheric. The lighting is perfect, apart from the start with the flashing lights.
The gameplay is a bit too easy for my taste. Yes, there are a lot of Combine, but there are even more explosive barrels, the latter placed right in the way of the former. I would have had more fun if there weren’t explosive barrels. There is a battle with a Hunter-Chopper, which are always fun. However, right after that, the wall explodes and I just could not find a way to dodge that, much like the trap in Pyramid. In Pyramid, I found a way, but I had to godmode my way through this one.
Overall I would certainly recommend you play this.