EXE containing RAR containing self-extracting 7Z containing game files. YUP.

Slums is a two map Russian mod. I do think it’s worth playing but the first map isn’t as good as the second.

The first map is extremely linear and kind of boring. I don’t like it too much. There’s really not much to talk about with it either. It has one vent crawling sequence (as far as I can remember at least) and is a mix between zombies and Combine. There are too many unopenable doors because the author doesn’t want you to go there. There’s some difficult close quarters combat but it’s a bit on the unfair side.

Map two is much better. It’s much more nonlinear and has tons of places to go. The environment is pretty cool too. Once again though, not much to say. The only puzzles are to find buttons. It’s a fun map but it’s short.

Overall, I recommend you play this mod. It’s not the ideal short but good mod but it’s still alright.