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These maps are very fun but have the problem most custom Citadel levels have. There’s way too many Combine Elites. I always thought of the Elites as something like the Barons of Hell from Doom or the Shamblers from Quake. They’re not used too often but they’re rather threatening. Some maps/mods make them completely not intimidating in the main game because you’ve already put up with the same enemy to the third decimal. This is that map. However, with that complaint out of the way, I had fun with this map and recommend you play it, but if you found the original HL2 rather difficult I recommend you start out on easy. The visuals are a mixed bag in that the levels are huge but very very simple. They get the job done but aren’t super professional. It’s like regular delivery pizza versus fancy Italian pizza. I’ll nom them both right down but one is a lot more professional then the other. I like making strange comparisons, don’t I? One more note is that it’s pretty fun in the final battle shooting and dodging energy balls all over the place. The ending is rather cool too. I recommend you play this map.