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I had a lot of fun with this mappack. The airboat has always been a very fun thing to use in both the main game and mods (see Combine Combat). The maps are kind of massive and empty but that’s what airboat maps usually are. There’s both Combine and zombies but more combine than there are zombies. Then again, it’s not very easy having variety in an airboat map. There are also some “puzzles”, but in quotes because they’re just find the button/valve/ladder puzzles. The environment is nice too, it reminds me of the Blooper Race from Super Mario Sunshine. The final map takes place in a nighttime environment similar to the map Rock from Team Fortress Classic. It’s pretty atmospheric too. I love how high up the place you come out of is. Either that wasn’t a real sewer or only the top of that building was used. My only complaints are that there’s some pointlessly long stretches to drive across and it’s rather easy. I also don’t get the “Death, Betrayal” ending, I didn’t see anyone kill or betray me or the Combine. Was the main character actually some random Metrocop I killed? Was his name Benny? Joey? Beowulf? Either way, even though it’s an easy mappack, I had fun with every bit, even in the first map with no airboat it was a pretty cool battle royale with a large arena to fight in. I definitely recommend you play it.