Mall Brawl is a single map originally made for a larger mod called “Afterlife”. Looking at it, I kind of wish the entire mod was made. I really enjoyed this level. It’s almost like a Left 4 Dead level with Combine instead of zombies (there are headcrabs and HL2 zombies though). It has a large space to battle in and there aren’t enough enemies to render you completely helpless to the endless gunfire like some amateur maps. There’s not really any puzzles apart from pressing a button to turn the power on but I don’t mind that. There’s even a Gunship battle at the end which are always fun. The major downside is that it’s in beta form which is quite obvious looking at it. The visuals are blocky and at times nonsensical (there’s a sideways tree on a floating brick vase). Other than that I recommend this short but fun map.