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I gave it personal favourite because in my opinion there need to be more maps like this. Once you get through the initial prison break segment you can go wherever the heck you want. Yes, it has flaws, but I personally feel that positives WAY outdo the negatives. It’s nonlinear, it’s visually stunning and it’s VERY fun to play.

The first segment is a simple prison break. There’s some “find a thing” puzzles but they’re easy. It’s fun but very brief

When you get outside is when the magic starts. There are tons of places to explore, find stuff and kill Combine/zombies. That’s another thing it does well, blending enemy types. With all the different buildings with both Combine and zombies in them there’s never a dull moment. It has a perfect amount of variety. The final escape is also very cool, especially since you don’t have to leave right away and can ‘splore the city with the airboat.

If I have to nitpick something, I’d say it’s a bit too easy to beat but still there’s so much stuff packed in that I didn’t notice the first time (I played it twice so I could find everything). This also works great as both SP and DM, or even possibly a Garry’s Mod roleplaying map.

I highly recommend you play this. It’s nonlinear, has tons of of variety and is super fun.