It may just be my love of Ravenholm but this is my favourite vanilla HL2 map I’ve reviewed so far. There’s only two flaws and I’ll get those out of the way first. First, there’s a few invisible walls, specifically at the start of the map. Second, no matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get past the sniper at the end without losing seven eighths of my health. Otherwise, this is an amazing Ravenholm style level. There’s three segments.

First is the spooky house. It reminds me of the original Nightmare House (I’ll review that in October). It’s pretty creepy for vanilla HL2. There’s even some puzzles. They’re easy, but at least the author added puzzles. Another awesome part is that unlike some HL2 horror maps it’s not very dark.

Second is the combine raid. I really like this part as well. It’s really interesting seeing the previously zombie-infested spooky house now filled with Combine. The enemy placement is very good. I had exactly enough ammo and health as I needed, no less and no more. It’s very fun. There’s also a battle with a Hunter-Chopper and the layout is very good for this since there’s shelters to hide in and wide open spaces to shoot in. This is my favourite part of the map. It’s Combine Ravenholm at its best.

Lastly is the mines. They’re not bad but not great. It’s just a linear romp through a few zombies and a single Shotgunner ambush. As I said in the beginning, the sniper is really hard to dodge. Much like Station 51 there’s an airboat but you only get to use it for about 15 seconds before the map ends.

I definitely recommend this map. There’s something for both people who like zombie fights and Combine fights and is perfect for people who like both like me. I love it.