Wow, this seems like something that could show up in the actual Episode One! The only problem I could find is that it’s really short. It has two chapters but it honestly only feels like one. Other than that it’s an amazing mod!

The intro is really cool, having you run from a strider into the basement of the Sebastian hospital that the mod takes place in. It’s perfect.

I honestly don’t like the next segment. It’s obviously trying to be like the chapter Lowlife from HL2:EP1 but I didn’t like that chapter. I did like this part of the mod better than the original Lowlife but I still didn’t enjoy it very much. It has one of the same problems as the chapter it’s imitating. It’s way too dark! Thankfully it does not have the other problem Lowlife had which was that it was too linear. This level has multiple places where you have to branch off to different areas. I liked that and the fast zombie ambushes but other than that I don’t like this level. There’s also something I’d like to point out which is that the ending is exactly like the end of the first part of the author’s previous work Powerstation 17 in that you have to wait for an elevator while fending off zombies.

The next part takes place in the hospital itself. It also is the introduction to Combine in this mod. It’s a lot like the hospital from Urban Flight (the chapter from EP1). It’s a bit linear and the turrets were pointless since I just ran at them and threw them down the stairs taking almost no damage but that’s not important. I love how the Strider from the start repeatedly appears leading up to the end. This chapter is very fun.

The final battle is really creative in that you can not kill the Strider with the rocket launcher since there is no rocket launcher in this mod. Instead you have to use your Gravity Gun to fling Hopper Mines at it. I do have one complaint and that’s that the scanners sometimes drop the Hopper Mines too much towards the back and front of the arena so that you can’t bring the mines to the Strider or else he’ll kill you and you can’t get them from the front because, well, he’ll kill you. It’s a very fun fight though, and the ending is pretty funny.

I definitely recommend this mod. It’s really really really really good. Take Powerstation 17, turn it into a more story based mod and multiply its awesomeness by five and you have Sebastian.