This map is really pretty but it looks better than it plays. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun with it, but it wasn’t built for combat in the first place. It’s like one of those Quake maps, the ones that were built for deathmatch but the author threw some SP enemies in. It’s fun but it doesn’t quite feel right.

The visuals are really good though. The lighting and architecture are great for the most part. The only part where it wasn’t top notch was inside some of the houses. They were really empty and kind of boxy. Other than that the visuals are great.

I also loved exploring the map. I didn’t find the crowbar until the combat was over and the same thing could’ve happened with the other weapons. If there was an entire mod based around that I think it would be rather interesting.

The thing with the Russians and the attack planes was silly. I don’t really get why it was there. It doesn’t really add anything and is very out of place.

I definitely recommend this map if for no other reason because of the exploration and visuals.