Wow, the visuals are great in this mod. They’re slightly washed out but pretty at the same time. It kind of reminds me of a game called Grimind. The environment is also fantastic both above ground and underground. The gameplay is also pretty fun but I have two complaints. One is that there’s too much platforming. I don’t usually like platforming in first person, especially since HL2 has a weird kind of Castlevania-esque jump. It works fine in Castlevania because the gameplay and level design is built around it. This mod’s level design is based around it but it still has the gameplay of Half-Life 2 so it doesn’t feel right. Second is that the leeches are unnecessary and discourage exploration. I wish I could’ve explored more of the world because it looks so nice. The atmosphere is also pretty strong too with the fog and ambiance. The combat is also good. It seems the author is better at outdoors areas than indoors as demonstrated by Pyramid.

I’m impressed with how much the author has improved from Pyramid. It’s much more playable, atmospheric and interesting. I like this mod a lot.