This mod is good in most places. There’s one chapter I hate but I’m gonna review all the chapters individually. Here we go.

Chapter One – Where Am I? What’s Going On?

The shortest chapter ever. GMan does a thing then stuff explodes, the end.

Chapter Two – Freeman Has Begun His Mission

Cool environment. Most of the enemies are Elites but at least they give you the stuff to deal with them. There’s no crowbar I could find which is kind of annoying but doesn’t have too much of an impact. Small but fun level.

Chapter Three – Antlion Escapade

I really like this one. It’s small but fun. The environment is interesting and the action is good. There aren’t as many Antlions as the title suggests but there are quite a few (including a guard). The chapter is mainly about getting to buttons and pressing them. I like it.

Chapter Four – In Through the Sewers

This chapter isn’t horrible but what it is is pointless and short. There’s two parts, one with a huge room filled with elites and Metrocops. This one is good because there’s many parts of the environment to use for cover. The second part is where there’s a bunch of hallways and switches. I don’t like this part. There’s turrets at the end of narrow hallways that are impossible to avoid. Oh yeah and you can pick up a weird glitchy version of Alyx’s pistol in this chapter. I don’t have any idea why.

Chapter Five – Internal Insurrection

Let’s start off with the positives. The zombie and antlion areas were interesting and fun. I like the atmosphere, it’s mysterious. Almost like a Matrix-y sci-fi movie. Now onto the negatives. This level is horrible. Firstly, worst start to any level ever. That trap was almost undodgable. I hated it. Secondly, the level design is abysmal. There’s long corridors with no cover and turrets at the end that are literally impossible to dodge. There’s wide open rooms full of Elites with no cover. There’s parts where they give you what you needed right AFTER you needed it. It’s apalling. I wanted to like this level because the atmosphere was cool but I just can’t. It’s one of the worst FPS levels I’ve played.

Chapter Six – Combine Massacre

I came out of the last level in a bad mood. This lightened me up. There’s a big room filled with dudes to fight which is fun because of the layout. There’s many places to hide and lots of Elites and Manhacks to fight. Then you go on top of the pyramid and fight a gunship which is fun. It’s a short chapter but it’s certainly fun.

Chapter Seven – Passage Out of There
Chapter Eight – Pyramid Destruction
are the exact same chapter for some reason.

You fight a few Elites then the pyramid explodes. It’s rather entertaining. Also it calls the mod “Pyramid Power” even though the title screen just says Pyramid. Wut.

Overall, if you’re not OCD like me, I would say skip Chapter Five but play the rest.