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(This is the first of many reviews I’m going to do on Miiga’s maps titles with the word “cool”)

I love this map. The puzzles are good, the gameplay is quick and it even has a gnome to carry with you to the end. This is a puzzle map with no combat so if you’re not into that this won’t be a map for you but if you like puzzles I would certainly recommend this map! There’s one weird thing about this map and that’s the fact that for a map called “Cool Forest Walk” there’s really not much forest to it. It’s mainly indoors. Miiga got cool right in this map but not really forest. You don’t have a suit (which is fine since there’s no combat) therefore you can’t sprint so you have to walk. Two out of three of the title parts are right. Not much else to say, play it if you like noncombative maps.


Download it at PlanetPhillip