Dawn is a mod that I assume is named after that graffiti from Half-Life 2. It has some custom graphics and voice acting, both of which are good. It even has an intro which is very cool.

Dawn is a short mod but it’s very fun in my opinion. There’s basically only two levels, the swamp and the hospital basement/sewer. The swamp is very good in my opinion. Very atmospheric and interesting. It’s like Ravenholm except in a swamp. I like Ravenholm a lot and I also tend to like swamp levels despite how rarely I see them. I love this level, the graphics, the atmosphere, the sound and most importantly the gameplay. Therre’s some cool nonlinear bits and puzzles as well as a lot of zombie action. There’s a few combine but not as many. It ends in some rebel’s house because he smacks you on the head thinking you’re a zombie. The only way I can think of that he would assume this is that you just killed a bunch of zombies in a swamp and therefore smell like one.

The other level is not really my cup of tea. A bit too dark for me, kind of Lowlife from Episode One. I dislike that level and this one. Some people like that level and I assume they would like this one. The only problem other than being too dark is that it does not have enough autosaves so make sure to save often. It has some nice moments though, like that fast zombie battle.

I like this mod and recommend it to anyone who likes fighting zombies.


Download it at PlanetPhillip