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WOW this mod is good. Definitely one of the best non-episode HL2 mods I’ve played. Almost everything about it is perfect.

The environment is REALLY cool. It’s a perfect mix of open air and inside. The skyboxes are really cool, forgot if they’re from HL2 or are custom but they really fit. The level design is amazing as well. There are puzzles and combat both and they’re mixed flawlessly. The Combine enemies have pretty cool reskins. At times it can be pretty atmospheric too. There are zombies but not as many zombies as there are Combine. It’s also really good on supplies, only giving you stuff when you need it. I’ve played some mods that don’t give you enough stuff (see Penetration) and some mods that give you too much stuff (see Unexpected Conclusion), but this one is balanced perfectly. The custom music by Paragon9X and Nub is awesome as well.

The only problem I can find is the realism. It’s really not realistic, not because the detailing is bad (see most of Infiltration), the detailing is fine. It’s just that every two steps I take I find another door I can’t open. There’s a minor complaint that the manhacks in one part come out of an airvent and I thought I could climb in since many secrets take place in airvents like it but I couldn’t but as I said it’s not a big deal.

*Spoiler Warning*

The transition from the regular environment to the Citadel environment is flawless. I almost didn’t notice it! It really does seem like two real places connecting. This is definitely the best Citadel level I’ve played in mods. It doesn’t beat the one from the original HL2 or Episode One but it’s certainly (CERTAINLY) better than the one from Penetration. There’s many cool puzzles in it like a tower of turning platforms you have to descend by falling through holes to the next one (kind of like those weird Pac-Man platforms from the final level of Jak and Daxter). The final battle ridiculously awesome. You have to fight a legion of Elites and manhacks while the Citadel is exploding. I criticized the final level of Penetration for having too many elites and way too little supplies. This has the same amount of Elites but you actually get the supplies deal with it. The fight starts off manageable but as time goes on it turns into absolute Calamity.

*Spoiler end*

If you haven’t played this mod you shouldn’t be reading this you should be playing it. NOW GO~!


Download it at PlanetPhillip