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This is a nearly perfect mod.

The story is that the Combine are building a huge robot of mass destruction. The story is not the best point of the mod but it’s certainly not bad.

The first map is my favourite. It mostly takes place outdoors. I love the setting in this mod, it’s unique and atmospheric. It’s very gritty, almost like Black Mesa after HL1. The little details make it seem realistic too. This map also likes burrowing headcrabs a lot, there’s tons of them. This isn’t a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just a thing I thought I’d point out. One great thing about this mod is its nonlinearity. There’s always at least two ways to get where you’re going and even some secrets. It’s almost like a Doom/Quake map reincarnated into HL2.

Map two is also very good. The layout is a bit confusing but not labyrinthine, again, like a Doom/Quake map. There’s a secret Grav Gun here as well as some Antlion Guards. Instead of liking burrowing headcrabs a lot, this map likes Elites a lot, almost too much. I like fighting Elites but not in large quantities. The environment feels even more like Black Mesa in this map too. I like this map but not quite as much as the first.

Remember when I said it was nearly perfect? Well, the last map is the flaw. You get to control Das Roboss which sounds fun but is not. You’re not even controlling a lot, just the weapons. He moves way way way WAY too slow. Also, his “weapons of mass destruction” are extremely disappointing. The arm cannons were too restricted and the beam gun thing just didn’t do enough damage and wasn’t accurate enough. The gunship was way too hard to take down. You also get to fight another Roboss but he has the same problems you do and remains stationary so he’s really easy. I think Das Roboss would be no match for the rebels.

So yeah, play it. It’s pretty much a perfect mod apart from the last boss.