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I first saw this when I was looking at Phillip’s Recommendations and I have no idea why nobody but him has used Personal Favourite for it. I really enjoyed this small mod. I like how quickly it switched atmosphere. It went from dark and gloomy to bright and open air.

The underground part with the zombies was alright. It was pretty fun using the Barnacles as traps. It’s not essential to do so but I think Jason set them up to be used that way. There’s a part kind of like the elevator waiting from Episode One except in a more confined area and less dark. It’s pretty fun but it could have used a bit more time before the elevator came.

In my second half is where it really shines. You have to blow up a reactor. Getting to the reactor is easy but fun since you only have to fight Metrocops. Getting back is much tougher since they realized you’re a threat and sent in Combine Soldiers and Combine Elites. It’s fun fighting through them but I got a bit confused the first time around because I had no idea that the door would only open after I killed all the Combine. There’s a gunship battle which are always fun, and it takes place in a dock.

If I were to nitpick I would point out two things. A – the beeping is annoying. B – It just ends suddenly. I would’ve put an escape sequence or something. But other than that it’s flawless. I highly recommend it.

Download it at PlanetPhillip