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WOW. JUST WOW. FIRST RELEASE. This is just amazing. I had tons of fun with this mod.

Most of it takes place in City 17. The atmosphere doesn’t really feel like C17 in my opinion, it’s a bit too light hearted, but that’s not a problem at all. There’s two types of areas, open air and confined. Open air is exactly how it sounds and you mainly fight Combine in it. Confined is underground and you usually fight zombies in it. Both are very very fun. One thing I noticed is that there are no fast zombies. Weird. The three most common enemies are Combine soldiers, zombies and Zombine.

The map design is awesome and is fun to navigate. I had fun with it from the start to the end. There’s even some pretty clever turret fights since the easiest way to kill them is with the hopper mines. The fights are very fun to play and it always gives you just enough ammo to get stuff done.

I overall liked the open air levels a bit better. I like the confined ones but A. they’re a bit too dark and B. they’re more linear. There’s one really fun part where you fight a large horde of zombies, Zombine and poison zombies. Some people might consider this lazy design but it’s only one part and it’s not very long so I like it.

The finale is just brilliant. I love the environment, the lighting, the level design and the combat. It’s just perfect. There’s soldiers, Elites, Hunters and even a Gunship. It’s tons of fun.

I LOVE this mod. The capslock is most certainly necessary. This mod is fun, has good level design and is the perfect length. One of my new favourites. Play it, it’s awesome.


Download it at PlanetPhillip