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This is one of those mods I wish I could give two ratings, and I’ll explain it level by level.

Basically just the intro. Gordon, Alyx and Dog leave on a helicopter. That’s pretty much all. There’s nothing wrong with it but there’s nothing to say about it.

“Two days latter”. Not a good way to start. What else is a bad way to start is making the player take 36 unavoidable damage. For the most part I dislike this level. The first map is huge and pointless. Its only purpose seems to be to give you the crowbar and SMG (and shotgun if you find it). There are two hunter battles and that’s all. The other problem is that Alyx’s AI is not built for this type of stuff. It’s too much distance and she kept getting left behind. Also, you can see the edges of the world. I don’t mind this in maps if the gameplay is good, but in this one, it’s not. The second map is a labyrinthene facility place, a lot like the one in Penumbra: Black Plague. There’s a few zombies and Zombine but nothing memorable, apart from the last part where you leave and have to platform on the ice. I like that part since it seems kind of cinematic, even though the mapping is blocky. I also like the part with the Combine Advisor. The third map, on the other hand, is just awesome. It’s very atmospheric and cinematic platforming across broken Combine stuff to the Borealis. There’s even a weird and confusing hallucination caused by the Advisor which is great.

This one is awesome. The start really does feel like you’re in the inner workings of a huge part-mechanical boat. There are two problems, one is that it’s a bit too hard to get the core to explode without damaging you a ton (you’re going to need it since imediately after a Hunter and a pack of Combine Elites are thrown into your face) and two being I encountered a weird glitch that made it so that I had to noclip to get to Alyx (it’s in one of the pictures). But other than that I love the combat parts! It was a lot of fun fighting alongside Alyx and Barney and the mapping is perfect for this kind of stuff. The ending is pretty satisfying too.

I was gonna give it a Play It Now and say that if there were only three maps and it left out the first two Antarctic ones I would give it Personal Favourite but I feel like I should acknowledge the great parts. If you are casual and not OCD, I would say start at the map ep3_antarctic_03. If the first three maps were set up into a mappack I honestly think I would give it an Avoid It rating. Lucky for them they have the second half. Life. *slow clap*

Download it at PlanetPhillip