Firstly, the intro sequence is amazing. This is a blend of cinematic and action, chapter one mainly being cinematic and chapter two being pure action (apart from the ending).

In chapter one you have to sneak around the rim of a building. I know I talk a lot about atmosphere, but this truly is atmospheric. The decorating is nothing short of amazing. I wish more mods/maps took place at night without being in Ravenholm. I love Ravenholm but I never really see City 17 at night. This isn’t exactly C17 but that’s fine because it has an interesting and unique setting. My only complaint is that it kept autosaving right before I screwed up and dropped something. Other than that, this chapter is awesome.

Chapter two is when you and Echo Team get to the rendezvous, but the Combine rudely interrupt. I love how the building looks with its weird wavy ceiling, and the action is awesome. There’s fights with Combine Soldiers, Combine Elites, Hunters and even a Hunter-Chopper. In my opinion the music fits the intense action, especially with the weird visuals. And then… what happens? They tell you it only gets harder when you go into Outpost 16 and then the mod ends. Very anticlimactic.

Outpost 16 is a short mod but it’s near perfect. Play it I say.


Download it at PlanetPhillip