For a development cycle of ten days, this is pretty impressive. It takes place on an island that’s kind of like Saint Olga from Lost Coast as well as in some caves kind kind of like the Antlion portion of the mines from Episode Two, except with Combine instead of Antlions. It’s rather linear, but in the start I was kind of confused since I had to jump into the water and in environments like this in HL2 water usually means leeches. Other than that, I see no problem with this level. It’s fun but doesn’t have any puzzles, and getting the bugbait was kind of pointless since there’s no Antlions. There was one part I really liked and that’s the end with the Gunship. Usually you get a rocket launcher to kill the Gunships but with this one you just have to run. I recommend this level.

Download it at PlanetPhillip