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I loved this map! It takes place in a mostly destroyed base on Mars and is simply amazing. The gameplay is awesome and seems actually much like the original Half-Life. Enemy placement is great, map design is great and the atmosphere is creepy and awesome. One part even kind of reminded me of Penumbra. Once you make your way through the destroyed mars base, you must destroy a monolith so you can escape. There are three things you must do first, navigate a maze filled with zombies (and sawblades), walk across a small white line and defeat an Antlion Guard. I liked the zombie maze, especially since it gives you the Grav Gun. I did not like the white line thing, it was like those annoying thin tightrope levels from Monkey Ball (that might be the strangest comparison I’ll ever make, HL2 and Monkey Ball). The Antlion fight was really just a fight with an Antlion using a shotgun, it’s fun but I can’t really say anything else about it. There’s also an interesting use of the Crab Synth (as seen in the pictures). Without spoilers, the ending was hilarious. I love this map and suggest everyone play it now.
Review in Five Words or Less
What Doom 3 should’ve been.


Download it at PlanetPhillip