The gameplay is pretty fun in this map, but it’s really short. You just walk across an area then kill some zombies in a hole in the ground. There’s even another passage but you can’t go past it and there’s nothing through it (I checked by noclipping). It does have a story, as the readme said, “The whole town is a big junkyard. There are zombies you need to stop them. The best way to stop them is to turn on electricity. You can turn it by a simple button. The button is located in the end of a map. You need to press it more times in till theres a beam. Beam will hit the water and make it deadly.” The story kind of makes no sense. The reason I gave it “Play It Now” an not “Play It Later” is because the visuals are awesome, it really gives off a “junkyard town” feeling. I had fun with the four minutes I put into this map and think it’s worth a play.


Download it at PlanetPhillip