Zay 1
Well, it was fun, but that’s really all I can say for it. It’s pretty much just a map to pass time by. It’s extremely linear and the only puzzles are finding switches which aren’t very haard to find. If you just feel like shooting stuff, play it.
Zay 2
I like this one better. It’s still extremely linear and is still just a map to pass the time by, but I like the design and placement better. I like the idea of the flaming fast zombies (even though all that fire lagged my computer) and even though I usually hate invisible enemies the Guard at the end was fun to fight since you had to locate him using his shadow. It’s an improvement over the first but still has the flaws of the first.
Zay 3
I really like this one! There are two issues with it, one being he flashing lights in the beginning were irritating and hurt my eyes, the other being that there’s a part where if you fall off off of a bridge and haven’t saved you have to start over again. Other than that though, his map is great! It even adds two new types of HL2 enemies, Metrocops with shields and kamikaze fast zombies. They’re both fun to play against. The final battle is just awesome as well. Without the car I would have hated that there were that many zombies, but with the car it’s a roadkill slaughterfest.
Zay 4
This map is really dark (lighting-wise). That’s not a problem, it’s just a bit odd compaired to the previous three. This one’s also a lot shorter than Zay 3 and I personally like Zay 3 better. This one had its moments though, like that moving walls trap. That was just brilliant. The skulls puzzle was pretty cool as well. The enemies are mainly zombies with a few Combine sprinkled in between. There is one other enemy, and that’s the final boss, which is *SPOILERS* an Icthyosaur. Which is a reskin of the standard Antlion with more health. I had fun with this fight. The “THE END :P” running gag is also really funny. *END SPOILERS* Overall a short map that is worth playing in my opinion.


Download the first three Zays at PlanetPhillip
Download the fourth Zay at PlanetPhillip