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Wow, this map. It even rivals Wasteland Combat for atmosphere! Like WC, I felt like it could be real the entire time. The ambiance, the visuals, everything is perfect. And don’t even get me started on the visuals, they’re AMAZING. It takes place on a mountain very high up above the ground, which is an environment I love. It has a few shacks that have zombies and ammo in them. I must admit, the part where the bridge breaks made me jump a bit. When it breaks, you get to the “Caves” part of “Mountain Caves”. While it’s not quite as amazing as the mountains, I still think it’s beautiful and atmospheric. It’s also full of fast zombies. There’s an absolutely genius part where I got knocked into a stream by a fast zombie and I was dragged underwater in a current, being forcefully rushed through a small, tight claustrophobic tunnel, and for a few seconds I didn’t even know what was going on! The battles are pretty fun but they’re not the highlight of the map (that would be the visuals and atmosphere obviously). There’s a part I wasn’t particularly fond of where after you kill all the zombies in a room a rock breaks and reveals a path. I normally do not mind things like this but in a map that focuses on realism it’s out of place and silly. The ending’s also lazy, you go to a rebel base and when you walk inside it ends. Where did the character I was playing as go? Beyond that rebel shed it was just a cliff. Other than that, this map is brilliant and everyone should play it. I would not be surprised to see it in an actual Valve campaign.


Download it at PlanetPhillip