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To me this map seems like I just downloaded an actual extension of Episode Two. It’s amazing. The Jalopy was kind of pointless but I liked the weird bullet time fireworks display when you use it to cross the gap. The story is that you have to find the Combines’ plans in their White Forest outpost. It mostly takes place in the White Forest with a short mines part. This mines part is my only complaint. You have to stack crates which is really, REALLY frustrating. Other than that and the Jalopy I have no complaints. The mapping is great, the lighting is great and the layout is great. There’s even a part where you get to blow up two Hunters which is entertaining. There’s not too much else to say. It has a great gunship battle but the Antlion Guard just seemed to be there for filler. I love this map, my recommendation is play it as soon as you can.


Download it at PlanetPhillip