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Another map taking place in that abandoned base from White Forest, although this one isn’t as abandoned and serves as a Combine base. This is the best White Forest map I’ve played so far. It has a lot of cool fights and interesting puzzles. I liked the hidden items. Some of them were actually hidden while others were in plain sight having the puzzle be finding out how to get them. There’s also a Gunship battle which is fun as always with Gunships in my opinion. The layout is pretty good, but the level seemed to have a lot of straight hallways with right turns at the end. There’s a really cool battle with tons and tons of Combine in a large area with three floors. I had a lot of fun with that. The final battle can be fun but is ludicrously hard, pitting you against five Hunters, a Strider and a wave of Elites. The level ends when you leave building by going down a road into a tunnel. Very good level, if you haven’t played it then go ahead and do just that.


Download it at PlanetPhillip