“First Map”. Well, holy frarf. This is your first creation with HL2? Now that is just amazing; you have my infinite respect. The story behind this level is that it’s “garbage day” in the Combine Prison. (Say it with me: GARBAGE DAY!!!) You must escape the complex. This map goes from Water Hazard outpost-style to Nova Prospekt-style to White Forest abandoned base-style. I love the variety. I have a minor semi-jokey complaint, why are there so many boxes? You know you’re torturing us OCD people. I spent like three minutes going all Crash Bandicoot on them all. Other than that, this map is amazing for a first! In that blackout part I have no idea where the Headcrabs came from, neat trick! The other minor complaint I have is that there are two crowbars, so that’s a bit redundant. The later parts with White Forest-esque visuals were very atmospheric, especially since I love levels high up from the ground. The fight with the Hunter-Chopper was also absolutely awesome! I love this map, my recommendation is play it.


Download it at PlanetPhillip