Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I can’t get Penetration to work! I’ve tried many ways to fix the custom scenes but I just can’t figure it out. If anyone can help me with this it would be lovely. Until then I’ll just review random maps. Also, I’m working on a revised version of my Gateways review. Until then, here’s City 45.

This is quite an interesting map. It starts off story-orientated but progresses more towards zombie combat as it goes on. The story and setting are interesting and it’s a very atmospheric map in my opinion. The apartments are pretty fun to fight through and make your way around. I probably shouldn’t have taken 15 minutes to beat it but I didn’t realize I was supposed to get in the car, I was too busy killing zombies. I thought the goal was just to kill them all which I did with the help of turrets. It was pretty fun doing that, but it wouldn’t end after they were all dead and all I had was a car and a pile of bodies. I had to load a previous save and then the ending worked. The last thing I’d like to say is that the decorating was really good. I had fun with this map and would certainly recommend it.


Download it at PlanetPhillip