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One of the best maps for any HL2 episode. You play as the husband of that lady in City 17 asking if you were the only ones on the train. You were taken to Nova Prospekt for “questioning”, and this takes place after the big battle in HL2 (and possibly Riot Act?). There are no Combine to fight, just Antlions, zombies and Hunters. Well okay, there’s one Combine to fight, a sniper.

The first half takes place inside Nova Prospekt. You have a Vortigaunt to help you throughout the entire mod. I really like how you need him to power doors to open; how he does it reminds me a lot of Abe from the Oddworld games. The one thing I would have done different was make it so that you couldn’t continue without the Vort after he opens the doors. I was stumped for a while why he didn’t come with me. I also got stuck at the part where you press the switch for the sliding door, but I honestly think that was my fault, since it was the only switch on the rack to actually have its lever still on. There’s a battle with some Antlions which is pretty fun, especially since you’re fighting with a Vort and he can do cool stuff in combat. There’s also a battle with four hunters, kind of like the one in Station 51. I like this part a lot.

The second half takes place outside and is my favourite of the two. The way it makes use the props and ambiance, as well as the placement of enemies, makes this part seem very real. There’s an interesting stealth section with a Combine Sniper, who you fight later. Also, if you go to his outpost, you’ll find his rifle, bullets on the ground, a chair and two bottles. I don’t know if Combine can drink but it still adds to the realism and atmosphere of the map. Unfortunately, it ends on a cliffhanger. I really hope there’s a sequel because even though it can be a bit on the easy side, this map is amazing. Kudos.


Download it at PlanetPhillip