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This is an amazing and unique mappack. In a lot of mods and maps you play as Gordon Freeman, but why? (Apart from lazy writing) Because Gordon is a man who has many devoted followers and is basically given everything he needs by the rebels. In The Sprucecape Mappack, you play as John Sprucecape, a completely normal man. All you get until very later on in the game is a crowbar and a magnum, and it works perfectly. There are many puzzles in this mod and I enjoyed them all, even though a lot of them were just locating a certain item. They were hidden in interesting places and took me a while to find. The scenic is really, REALLY good. The environments felt very real; this is one of the most realistic HL2 mappacks I’ve played. There’s three maps, John’s house, an abandoned Northern Petrol and a junkyard. My favourite was the Northern Petrol. It is not only clever and well designed, but pretty creepy as well. The lighting and atmosphere really make this level something special. (I would say it’s much creepier than Ravenholm) There’s a part where you have to fight a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of zombies right after you find a shotgun which is a bit out of place considering this is not a combat mod. There’s also a section with the buggy that’s fun. The ending kind of sucks (not spoiling anything) but if you have Episode One play this now, it is absolutely divine.


Download it at PlanetPhillip