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I’m redoing this review because I’ve become much better at it now.

Riot Act is a great Nova Prospekt levelset. You play as Jamil, a rebel who was captured by the Combine. The voice acting in this mod is great, but I do kind of wish there were more clips for giving me ammo because I heard “Here, Jamil, Ammo!” a whole lot. The mapping is excellent and the puzzles are interesting. There are some good battles too. You actually get Combine armor instead of a HEV suit. It doesn’t make a gameplay difference but it’s a nice change of pace. There’s an awesome battle with some a gunship at one point, as well as an equally as awesome and perhaps more challenging battle with a bunch of Combine coming out of an APC. My favourite part is the bridge, which is very atmospheric and reminds me a lot of that part from Highway 17 of the original HL2, except with a Strider instead of a gunship. My only complaint is that *SLIGHT SPOILER* the boat you escape on is a background prop so it looks very rough and blocky compared to the rest of the mod. *SPOILERS END HERE* I would say more, but there’s really nothing else to say. It’s a great mod and if you have HL2 you should certainly have this one installed.


Download it at PlanetPhillip