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Sequel to the HL1 mod Someplace Else and possibly the most loved mod in the HL community. The weird wall of text dude returns and this time he’s sent you to a Combine controlled island to investigate. You start on a beach, and the entire game is very, VERY atmospheric. You get into a secret combine base and that’s where the majority of the game takes place. This mod is absolutely amazing, I must say. There’s a lot of action and puzzles, and the environments, for a single place, have very much variety. It also looks really nice visually and has cool effects everywhere, my favourite being when the portal opens. I really love the part later on when you are trying to destroy various Combine things and must be very conservative with how you use your ammo.
The part I love the most is the finale. When the entire place blows up, the wall of text dude, after basically using you as a kamikaze, decides to save you. Going through the destroyed combine base is very atmospheric, and when you finally encounter zombies, there’s a whole lot of them (especially Zombine). Luckily, you have Combine to (sort of) help you and reprogrammed turrets. The part I love the most of the part I love the most, however, is the escape. You finally get back up and the island has basically turned into Ravenholm with zombies everywhere. You must destroy a gunship then you are rescued and the island is destroyed in a spectacular display.
If you have Half-Life 2 and haven’t played this, go do that now. I could not recommend it enough.


Download it at PlanetPhillip
Get the director’s cut on Steam