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These are some of the most well decorated maps I’ve ever seen. I can tell that Leon spent a lot of time making these. The level design, the enemy placement, the decor, it’s all perfection. These four maps are most certainly essential to have if you like HL2. I only have a few complaints, such as the Ravenholm intro music playing whenever I loaded a save on the first map. There was also one part in the map LeonHL2_1b where you had to go along the rim of a building to get where you need to go, which is pretty ludicrous to find. I was stuck at that part for about five minutes before I finally found it. I also got stuck on the same map at one point (literally in a position where I had to load a save to get out of where I was). Other than that, my only other complaint is the sniper on (again) the same map that you never get to kill and gets really annoying. I have no other complaints, this mappack is amazing. It was very fun to play through and I love the part at the end and finally escaping. Play it, it’s an awesome mappack.


Download it at PlanetPhillip