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I love Ravenholm. The atmosphere, the decor, the combat, I love it all. But the MAIN reason I love Ravenholm is the Grav Gun. Sawblades, flammable stuff and explody barrels to throw at zombies. This map captures the Ravenholm feel perfectly. The enemy placement was great, I loved the lighting and the entire map was well constructed. They also (of course) give you the same stuff to fling at zombies. It utilizes all four types of zombies as well, which is why it’s an Episode One map. But why are there Zombine in this village? Because there’s a small Combine outpost. It’s an interesting change of pace from zombies.
You find a radio to call for help. Naturally, when you use that radio, every single zombie in the town flocks toward you, just like in Left 4 Dead. After two minutes of this, a helicopter arrives for you and the map ends.
If you like Ravenholm, play this map. It is certainly worth it.


Download it at PlanetPhillip