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This map does a good job at having multiple environments. Five different ones in fact. It also looks really nice and is very fun. There’s even a strider, one of the most fun enemies to fight IMO. It also does a good job at giving you enough ammo but not too much. As for negatives, I have quite a few. Here’s the list as fast as I can make it (inhales):

The sniper in the beginning was annoying
Too many poison headcrabs
The pipe in that boat looking area was hard to climb
The marks left on the walls by the laser were clearly rectangular prisms and not effects
The pile of rocket launchers looked silly
The clump of metrocops looked silly
The Ravenholm intro music was pointless seeing as how the environment didn’t change
Some doors led to walls
One door led out of the map
If you try to use the APCs at the end you get stuck in the floor
And finally the exit door was hard to find since it was upwards on a wall and not the ground

But overall, the fun I had with the map and the interesting visuals outweigh those. You should play it.


Download it at PlanetPhillip