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Interesting abstract mappack. The only story it gives you is “You’ve been captured by the Combine”, simply because that’s all the story it can give you. Like I said before, it’s very abstract. There are no puzzles, it’s purely an action mod. The three most memorable levels in my opinion were “cube”, “color” and “alien”. Cube is basically a giant Rubik’s Cube. You climb a ladder and go on outlines of it, pressing buttons to open new pathways and fighting various enemies. While on the subject of enemies, that’s the only thing I didn’t like about it. The enemy placement is pretty lazy, with just clusters of Combine and a few zombies here and there. Anyway, there’s a huge battle on top of the Rubik’s Cube then the level ends. Color is the most abstract of all the maps, having, as the name suggests, many vibrant colors. If I’m remembering the right level, it also has some cool mounted gun shootouts. Alien, my favourite level, seems a lot like an HL1 Xen level. It has a lot of antlions in it and has both wide open spaces (Xen style) and cramped ones (Interloper style). You even fight alongside some Combine at one point, strange considering they just captured you, even stranger considering that immediately afterwards there’s some Combine turrets that try to kill you. Without spoiling anything, the ending makes no sense. If you want to shoot stuff without having to solve puzzles, I would certainly recommend this.


Download it at PlanetPhillip