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Forward Motion is a mappack of ten maps, and I’m gonna review all the maps seperately.

Map 1
First thing you do is break out of a building and solve some puzzles, which are pretty fun to do. Then there’s a stroll through a City 17-esque area and some harmless metrocops. In the last part, you travel through an area filled with metrocops/manhacks and breakable buildings. There’s even a mounted gun to shoot them with. Good fun. My only complaint is that at one point the ground is destroyed beneath you. Nothing is wrong with this apart from that the creators decided it would be a good idea to make it ear-splodingly loud.
Map 2
An airboat section. Very easy but fun nonetheless. There’s a narrow tube in one part that reminds me of those waterslides in real life. My favourite part of this map is crashing through a window of a building, running over a metrocop and leaving while the building exploded.
Map 3
Unfortunately I can’t play map 3. Whenever I try it brings up an error.
Map 4
I LOVE this map! Tons of fun with the airboat with Combine to run over, awesome jumps to make that make you look cool, another waterslidey section and even a puzzle! An easy puzzle but a puzzle nonetheless! There’s also a part where Combine are standing on a large wooden structure and if you run over the support beams they fall. It’s very entertaining. Great map!
Map 5
It starts by giving you a bunch of weapons, then you have to fight through some Combine in a glass building. There’s an APC as well but when I killed it the game crashed. There’s a gunship fight here where you have to use SMG grenades instead of rockets (I think that’s how you’re supposed to since I never found a rocket launcher). Pretty cool battle. Then you go in an apartment building and a Strider attacks. Again, you have to kill it with SMG grenades. Cool concept still, but I don’t think it works as well here because you have to continuously shoot it or it will use its huge beam cannon and kill you in one hit if you have low enough health (which I did) since there’s no cover in the room. It blows up half the building though so that’s cool. You have to fight more Combine throughout the building which is pretty fun. There’s a mean but funny trick they pull at one point where you open a door and a zombie throws an explosive barrel at you. The map ends with another Combine duel as well as an APC that you actually CAN destroy. Great map overall.
Map 6
I like this map a lot. It’s nonlinear and has many places to explore and many combine to kill. When you get to the roof of a certain building, a gunship comes in and goes behind a building. I couldn’t get it out of the building but it’s not important. There’s two APCs to destroy, but the main highlight of the map is a battle with three gunships and a Strider. All at once. Ludicrous, yes, but fun. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds for me though since the Strider somehow got stuck behind a building where I could hit him but he couldn’t hit me. A buggy but fun map overall.
Map 7
This has nothing to do with the previous levels and is essentially an HL2 horror map. Sorry to say but it’s not very good. It glitched the first time I played it; the Strider wouldn’t shoot his laser and just kept shooting at the ground so I had to restart. Other than that, it just kind of throws stuff at your face. The puzzles were way too cryptic as well. How was I supposed to see that the fuse box was sparking so that an explosive barrel placed next to it would blow up the fence? Or see that a flaming zombie just crashed through the wall so I have to place a box and jump on it to get to a cave? Also, the forest part was pointless and, for me, filled with bright red errors. Also it had an invisible fast zombie in it. That’s not scary, it’s annoying. Overall, this is a mediocre map that’s too dark.
Map 8
What was that thing that happened with the dead Combine? I just don’t get it. Also, more errors outside. I don’t know if this is just me or if it always happens but it looks rather silly. Other than that, this map is cool. Unlike the previous, this is actually a pretty good horror map. It had some pretty cool scenes, like when the flaming fast zombie went all Arch-Vile on an APC and blew it up. The forest is back but it has more of a purpose since there’s a part in it where a combine is supposed to walk to a grave and die, then you get a gem-like thing to put on a pedestal. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me and I had to noclip in and kill the Combine to beat the map. That’s the problem with this map, its stability. It crashed on me eleven times (yes I counted). It’s good, but unstable.
Map 9
Starts off a mines map with a horroristic touch. I really love the horror hallucination part in this one. It starts off with a water tunnel that does a really weird, confusing and claustrophobic thing, which is a pretty good idea. Then you go to the surface and fight some antlions and Combine. There is one thing to complain about. That’s the flying dead bodies. They’re not scary. They just made me laugh. And the last one is really hard and annoying to dodge. Overall, it’s an alright map with a cool horror sequence.
Map 10
The final map. Has another forest sequence with a bunch of zombies and an Antlion Guard. Then you reappear in the place you were and there’s a huge shootout with a ton of Combine. The corpse appears again and there’s supposed to be some big final boss with the floating corpse and then you end the game and it’s all very satisfying but it just won’t work for me. Overall a lackluster map.

I would say that maps 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are worth playing. I don’t know about 3 and 7, 8, 9 and 10 were boring and tedious. If I could give one mappack two ratings, Play It Now for the first half and Think Twice for the second.


Download it at PlanetPhillip