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Beautiful awesome mod using the new Source Engine technology of Hhkk. Best mod ever.

Okay, serious review time.

This mod is hilarious. I could sum up the entire review like that, but there’s more to talk about. I consider it divided into three parts. The first part is really fun, you have to make your way out of an apartment with a character named Jack. Speaking of characters, I love all the characters in this mod. You play as Gordon Freeman’s brother (not John Freeman for anyone with that in their mind) Morgan Freeman. No, not THAT Morgan Freeman. He’s kind of silly but likable. Then there’s Jack who’s a complete idiot but a funny idiot. Anyway, the proceeding levels are kind of like NPC deathmatch, in fact, the maps feel a lot like Garry’s Mod roleplaying maps, it’s kind of like the CSS: Sci-Fi version of those. Except hilarious, of course. The humour adds a lot to this mod, in fact, if it wasn’t so funny, I might have gave it “Play It Now” instead of “Personal Favourite” for having an interesting concept but not perfect mapping. It looks very rough visually, especially the later levels. I would say it’s worth playing for the humour.


There’s a haunted hotel in one part of the game, I presume trying to parody Nightmare House. But the thing is, it does a good job at BEING Nightmare House. In a hotel. Nightmare Hotel. Apart from two funny parts, it’s pretty creepy. To be honest though, to a horror fan like me it is kind of funny since it’s over the top and throws everything it possibly can at you. The second portion of the game is more linear. There’s an excellent parody of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in it. The part toward the end where Jack pops up out of nowhere and text appears above him saying “The Idiot” caught me by surprise and made me laugh. Father Grigori is in this mod as “The Good”. He fights alongside you twice in the mod. I have two complaints with this part of the mod though. First, The Bad and The Ugly kind of vanish and do nothing for the plot. Second, there was a glitch at the forcefield part where The Ugly never left and just stood behind the forcefield, and when I turned the forcefield off, it disappeared visually but remained there physically, blocking me from getting past and forcing me to load a previous save and fighting through the hoard of manhacks to get the switch again. The third part of the game is set at night in a Combine controlled area. There’s a stealth mission that’s pretty well pulled off except for a Combine on a roof that I didn’t see and kept spotting me. There’s also a part where you have to kill a bunch of Antlions and an Antlion Guard will show up. This part is an issue. First, whenever I ran over an Antlion the game crashed. I don’t know if this is a problem with the game or with my computer but it doesn’t happen in the original Half-Life 2 or its episodes. Second, I ran around killing Antlions for about 20 minutes waiting for the Guard to show up. I still have no idea how to get him to appear. I looked it up and this doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone else, just me apparently. The last thing I want to bring up is the bosses. There are three bosses in the game. The first is a giant robot that you have to throw a grenade at. Really easy. The second is a very fun shootout with a bunch of combine and “The Boss”. The final boss is horrible. It’s supposed to be a parody of the final boss from Doom II: Hell on Earth (I think) but instead of shooting rockets at the head of a huge goat skull, you’re shooting Plasma Rifle shots at the mouth of a huge dog skull. This took me a while to figure out since I assumed I was supposed to shoot rockets at its head. The problem with this boss is that he shoots homing rockets that I have NO idea how to dodge. This wound up in much frustration for me.

So there’s a much more in depth look at DayHard. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.


Download it at PlanetPhillip