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This is one of the most underrated mods in my opinion. The setting is interesting, the mapping is great and it’s really, really fun. It starts off with an awesome intro of rebels fighting combine. The length of it is perfect for a mod in my opinion. Most of the game takes place in a snowy climate, which looks rather nice visually and plays great. I don’t get why there are Metrocops there instead of the cities, but I won’t complain about that. The snow levels are very fun. This mod also has a perfect mix of fights between Combine, zombies and Antlions. The snowy levels have Combine, the base has zombies and the final chapter has Antlions. One thing I don’t get is the part where there’s a sniper, presumably behind a rock, but he’s invisible and unkillable. There is one problem with this mod; the story is really inconsistent. Easily the worst aspect of it. You play as Adrien Shephard, the hero of Half-Life: Opposing Force. The Combine have taken over a rebel base, but Julias Mossman has hidden the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Gravity Gun) and your goal is to bring it to Black Mesa East. *SPOILER ALERT* It doesn’t seem to ever get there. You get to a weapon materializer and the Grav Gun, instead of turning super, vanishes. Then you release the Antlions out into the wild for some reason. G-Man seems happy with you though. Easy to please I guess. *SPOILERS END HERE* There’s one more thing I’d like to mention. The voice acting. It’s bad. Hilariously bad, to the Resident Evil extreme. I laughed when Breen came out and said “No, no, no! What have you done?” Sounds like a normal line, but ingame it sounds very silly. Oh well, I won’t hold that against the mod (or Resident Evil). It’s an awesome mod and you should definitely play it.


Download it at PlanetPhillip